Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Amish Weddings" Leslie Gould Amish Weddings

My Rating: 3 stars
Goodreads rating: 4.43 stars

Back cover: Gregarious Rose Lehman, who's always the life of the Amish youth singings, is determined  to marry the bishop's son, Ruben Byler - until the handsome Army buddy of her future brother in law shows up in Lancaster County.  In comparison to Trevor, Reuben seems downright boring.  Trevor shares Rose's sense of fun and adventure, and her easygoing disposition.  When her sister Lila is injured in a devastating accident, Rose finds herself with more freedom than she's ever experienced in her life.  Only Reuben seems to notice, but he never voices his concerns.  Part of her relishes the freedom she's found with Trevor, but the other part wishes Reuben would finally express his love and "fight" for her.  Have her choices ruined her best chance at love, or is there another path to happiness she just hasn't seen yet?

Amish Wedding is Book 3 in the Neighbors of Lancaster County and focuses on the younger Lehman sister, Rose.  Rose is a fun character who seems to be the life of the party in her Amish community.  She hopes to marry her bishop's son, Ruben however after meeting Trevor an army friend of her brother to be, she finds herself drawn to his easygoing nature.  Rose finds herself in a tough predicament, since her sisters gets injured in an horrible accident and Rose now has to be the "mom" of the family and finds out some disturbing news.  Rose know has to make tough decisions, those ones that she thought she would never have to make. 

I enjoy reading Amish fiction due to being  an urbanite it helps me escape my fast paced reality and enter into the country life of the Amish.  I think despite that this is a book on the Amish, I feel as women, we might have felt like Rose at one point.  Being with one man, but drawn to another.  Making important decisions that will affect your future.  Being heartbroken and torn.  It was easy to get lost in Rose's world, because she is like that friend that you just want to save and help. 

Since this book  is in a series, I recommend reading the first 2 books before reading this one, since you can learn and follow the characters.  Also, if you are new to Amish fiction, research some of their language, since there are a few Amish words that many might not understand.  My overall rating was a 3 out of 5 stars.  It was a great read and I enjoyed it, however I felt as though the beginning of then book was slow.  Also, the ending was rushed but still left you wondering what the future will be for Rose.  I am hoping to see if Leslie Gould would create a book to finish off the series, since I would love to know what might happen in the future for the Lehman family. 

This review is based solely on my opinion. I was only compensated with a free copy of the book.

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