Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Ninevah

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The content of this post has been on my heart for awhile. During the summer at church we studied and went through the book of Jonah in the Bible.  It seemed as though God had put this on my Pastor's heart to study knowing what all would conspire all over our nation during that time.  Well week and after week after church a question had been popping up in my head.  It was, "What and where is your Ninevah?"  I thought and thought and nothing came to mine.  But after prayer and really seeking out where God wants me, the city where I live kept coming to mind. 

During the summer, I had a wish that we as a family would move and find another home in another city.  One that was already established.  One that many people long to visit.  One where there was always something to do, eat, and hang out with friends.  But my plan was not in God's plan, and I Foam still living in my hometown. 

My hometown has had its downfalls.  For one, being recognized as the top poorest city in the U.S, and another being one of the dangerous cities.  This city is often looked upon as being crippled, broken, worthless, you pick a horrible name, it probably has been said. But despite some of the drawbacks, this city has its good.  Nice restaurants, rich history, beautiful buildings, and of course a few residents who long for a change in this city. 

I am one of those residents.  I would love to see this city go back to where it was years and years ago.  I would love to see visitors come by the bus loads to shop, eat, and entertain themselves.  I know many would say it is hopeless and you have to deal with where this city is and where it is going.  Well, I object.  Being a Christian, I know that at times it seems as though life can feel hopeless.  Life can be unfair and everything that could go wrong, goes wrong.  But, I found someone that I find hope in, and that is Jesus.  He came to not only go through what he did for us, but to provide HOPE!!! There are many churches located within this city, and they forget all about sharing that hope with others.  This is where I feel like Jonah being directed to Ninevah.  Ninevah was a city full of craziness.  Sin, Sin, everywhere, and people who we think don't care.  Lets be honest, we have all said at one time, "those people don't care" "they don't want to change".  Well sometimes we have to forget about what we think how others feel, and think about the things that people need.  For one, people need to know that there is hope.   

I do have a plan and desire of what I would to do to help bring hope back into the city.  I am praying to see if this is what God has in plan.  I know that if it is, the help, people, finances, and property would shown and God would provide.

Sometimes our plans are not what God has for us.  There are times where we might feel hopeless or useless, but we must remember, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Being an Advocate

It seems as though someone at anytime is standing up for something.  Whether it is for same sex marriage, religious freedom, women rights, discrimination, etc. etc. etc.  Well I rarely see many stand up for education.  Primarily public school education. 
Growing up attending elementary school, there were many parent volunteers, the PTO Mommas, and family activities.  As a child, you were excited to go to school.  You looked forward to spending time with friends, playing on a playground without any worries in the world.  You enjoyed the exciting activities that many local businesses provided and looked forward to sharing the excitement with your family.  Now after many years and the changes our society has faced, many parents can not volunteer in the school and with lack of funding from the government, it seems as though the bare necessities are met.  Also, those local businesses are trying to stay afloat themselves.

There have been enormous, important changes to the U.S. laws and the attitude of our society towards those laws.   Some law changes I don't agree with, but look how things can change with a few adamant people who are passionate about their rights.  I am very passionate about children rights and the right to free, quality education.  I am not sure how I can change the lawmaker's views on education or how to prick their hearts to help provide more aid to the school.  But I can try!

Therefore, we (as in I) need to become advocates for education.  We must fight for our schools to have what they may need in more.  Whether its books, appropriate volunteers, programs, air conditioners, or music instruments.  Can we change society's views on education, maybe.  Can we changed the government's views on education, maybe.  

I am praying for a change in the government.  I am praying for the lawmakers and leaders of the city, state, and country to see how important education is and how to important we need to fund schools.

Are you with me??? 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Amish Promises Book Review

"Love thy neighbor as yourself."  That was the theme from the book: "Amish Promises."   I would like to say that this book was a very easy read and a "I can't put you down until I am finish" type of book. 
This story takes place in Lancaster County within the Amish community.  Shani and her family moved from the city life in Philadelphia to the quiet country life in Lancaster County.  She thought moving from the loud, fast pace city life to the quiet slow pace, would help rehab her husband who is an injured Iraqi war veteran. 
The move started off not being a great idea due to the fact that her neighbors are Old-Order Amish and have complete opposite views on life.  Shani befriends her nieghbor's sister, Eve and they become very close.  Despite Eve's brother's wishes to stay away from the family, Eve and her neices and nephews become closer and closer with Shani and her son, and even closer to a family friend. 
Despite the difference in culture and religious belief both families learn to cohabitate together in this neighborhood. 
Even though this story takes place in the Amish country, it is not written with Amish dialect or bashing the Amish faith.  I love the fact that this book shows pros and cons about living within the Amish community. 
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.  This book is not just for Christians but for those who are struggling in their faith and need a push to find faith in God.  I am anticipating the next book in this series!!

I received this book for a honest review.  This review was based on my interest in Christian literature and interest in the book.  Thank you..




Monday, February 16, 2015

Time to Live

I have been back and forth with the idea of blogging about my experience with Postpartum Depression (PPD), and I have tried to write up potential posts, however it has been hard to complete.  I thought and thought about how to write the posts but none of them were ever completed.  And I was unsure why they were not coming together.

Back at the beginning of the month, I have attended the IF: Gathering that was held at my awesome church.  I was looking forward to going to this event ever since I have registered back in January.  Well, all I can say is that the word that was shared on those nights were GREAT!! (In my Tony the Tiger voice)  The Holy Spirit convicted me and gave me my 2015 word of the year.  LIVE!!!

One of the speakers asked the question, “What dead things are you holding on to?”  That spoke volume.  I have been holding onto my illness far too long.  I have been blaming my illness on my lack of trust and faith in God.  I have been allowing my illness to control me!  This illness has hurt my family, drove me crazy, and even drove a wedge in my relationship.  While the speaker was speaking and praying, and while the Holy Spirit was convicting me, tears were shed.  Of course, these were happy tears and tears of joy!  I have been praying about how to deal with this illness, but not asking God to heal me from this illness.  I have been asking God how I can share my experience with PPD, but forgetting how I can share to others how God can heal and deliver those who are suffering from PPD. 

I am so glad I decided to attend and I am so glad that I can actually live! I can bury Postpartum Depression and live.  I know that this will not be an easy task but you know what dealing with postpartum depression wasn’t a walk on easy street. 

I know that only way to live is to turn my focus onto Lord.  The only thing I need to be dwelling in, is the Lord.  He got me through this horrible stage in my life and dwelling in him and praising him is the only way I can say thank you!!

Rather than deciding how to share my experience with a deadly disease I need to LIVE!!! I need to share my faith and how God is a healer, deliverer, a friend, a savior!!