Thursday, October 1, 2015

Being an Advocate

It seems as though someone at anytime is standing up for something.  Whether it is for same sex marriage, religious freedom, women rights, discrimination, etc. etc. etc.  Well I rarely see many stand up for education.  Primarily public school education. 
Growing up attending elementary school, there were many parent volunteers, the PTO Mommas, and family activities.  As a child, you were excited to go to school.  You looked forward to spending time with friends, playing on a playground without any worries in the world.  You enjoyed the exciting activities that many local businesses provided and looked forward to sharing the excitement with your family.  Now after many years and the changes our society has faced, many parents can not volunteer in the school and with lack of funding from the government, it seems as though the bare necessities are met.  Also, those local businesses are trying to stay afloat themselves.

There have been enormous, important changes to the U.S. laws and the attitude of our society towards those laws.   Some law changes I don't agree with, but look how things can change with a few adamant people who are passionate about their rights.  I am very passionate about children rights and the right to free, quality education.  I am not sure how I can change the lawmaker's views on education or how to prick their hearts to help provide more aid to the school.  But I can try!

Therefore, we (as in I) need to become advocates for education.  We must fight for our schools to have what they may need in more.  Whether its books, appropriate volunteers, programs, air conditioners, or music instruments.  Can we change society's views on education, maybe.  Can we changed the government's views on education, maybe.  

I am praying for a change in the government.  I am praying for the lawmakers and leaders of the city, state, and country to see how important education is and how to important we need to fund schools.

Are you with me??? 

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