Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Out of Sorts" Sarah Bessey
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   Out of Sorts - a state of being in one's heart, mind, or body.  (describes sense of self, things to figure out, and / or coping with change)

Sarah Bessey best explains in her book, "Out of Sorts", how to gain peace in our faith.  This book of course is a Christian or religious book, so the topics that are covered in the book relate to the Christian life. 

I really enjoyed reading this book.  Bessey blends her life stories with biblical scripture to share her thoughts on sorting out our lives.  Bessey states, "Whether its in our relationship with God, or with our own families, at some point we find that it is time to sort."  Sarah uses the analogy of a rummage sale and our faith.  We as Christians, especially women, have so much baggage and stuff that we hold on to despite any real use and despite any negative memories or feelings that are attached with it.  With all the "stuff" that we have, we must come to realize that we need to sort out our lives. The things that we hold on to that has no real meaning, we must throw it out.

The book has many topics that we must sort out in order to gain peace, that include: our faith, our church, our relationships, and ourselves.  We as people and Christians are a hot mess.  We struggle daily (some hourly) with sin.  With the being said, we require a Savior who can pull us out of our mess and help clean it up. 

Sarah Bessey's writing is theology based.  She uses Biblical scripture to back up her points, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Many Christian writers lack biblical insight. 

Her love for God, people, her family, church, and of course the Charismatic denomination, drawn me to read her book.  She is not that Christian writer that uses big words, stuck up, or holier than thou.  She but is a writer who is full of grace, truth, and her readers can relate to her.  She writes the things that we think but to afraid to speak on. 

If you are looking for a great book for group studies, there are discussions questions included.  If you are not, but just looking for a book with truth, please check this book out.   I would recommend this book to anyone and I am looking forward to reading anymore of her books as well.

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