Friday, June 10, 2016

Beverly Lewis "The Atonement" book review
Our past sins or choices often haunt our present, which affects our relationships with others and our daily life.  Beverly Lewis' character, Lucy Flaud understands this very well. 

Lucy has made some unwise choices in her past, which affected her and her family.  She loses the trust of her family, the inability to love, and lost faith in God.  Within the story, Lucy befriends several people who help shape and restore her faith and bring her to repentance. 

We all have made some bad or unwise choices in our past.  Those same choices that we made still affect us to this very day.  They affect how we live, how we love, who we are around, and our relationships, especially with God.  We must understand that "our burdens are too heavy to carry, and he alone is faithful to cover our sins". 

This book was a great read, not only for enjoyment, but to help guide you toward your true repentance of sins that are holding you hostage.  This is a Christian book and applies some Amish beliefs.  Regardless being an Amish book, anyone who is struggling with anything will be convicted to repent and will bring upon you a peace that you will not be to describe.

This review is based solely on my opinion.  I received this book from Bethany Books to read and give my honest review.  If you are an author, writer, publisher, or editor looking for an honest review, please contact me at