Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blog Ahead Mini challenge

So today is the end of February, which I am sad since Black History Month is now over. However, I am looking forward to continue with my African American literature.  Which was a goal of mine to read this year. 

Tomorrow is the 1st of March and its a fresh start to create new goals, work on projects, and of course for myself, read more books.  I have been really relaxed with blogging and I want to write more on this little old blog.  So, I am joining Anna Cade at http://theherdpresents.blogspot.com to create some blog posts.  I figured this is a great challenge since the Lent season for Christians will begin tomorrow, March 1st and I would like spend more time reading and writing then scrolling on social media or indulging in crappy tv. 

I have plenty of books that I will be reviewing, some Christian and other fiction and non fiction books.  I will also include some posts regarding my TBR or To Be Read list and some other book lists that can help others find that book they are searching for.  So stay tune for some upcoming posts.