Monday, March 6, 2017

Bruised and Broken

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3
This weekend was a wild one.  It started off great with a soul food platter for dinner and ended with a trip to the hospital.  My little 3 year old broke his little finger on Friday evening which prompted a change to my weekend plans. 
As my little man is resting and recuperating and we are actively praying for his healing.  As my little one is bruised and in pain, I can only have sympathy for him since I know what it is like to feel brokenness. 
As a born again Christian, I know what it is like to feel broken.  I know all about the heartache, the pain, the restless nights, the frustration, and loneliness.  I know what it is like to numb the pain that I am feeling with my own remedies such as alcohol, medication, music, or another person.  Or I have tried to stop the pain with many things which actually made the pain worse.  
This feeling of brokenness is similar to the pain my little one must have been feeling.  The sadness, the restlessness, the pain, the frustration with might have felt as a never-ending pain, and weakness.  We tried to end the pain by our kisses and hugs, medication, and our own remedies of hand soaking and ice.  Then we tried to numb the pain with distraction of movies, music, and games.  Every option that we tried didn't work.  The pain was still there and I believe our remedies made the situation worse.
We as a fallen world, we try everything to stop the pain we are feeling or attempt to numb the pain.  We try to figure out ways to take the pain away, but with every attempt our pain seems to get worse and worse.  Just like dealing with my little one's pain, the only way to end it is to seek the doctor.  With his expertise and knowledge he can tell us what is going on and what we must do to end the pain and fix the injury. 
Our doctor is not the man or woman in the white coat in the office or hospital, but the man who will give us a white robe and that sits with the Father.  This man understands our pain since he felt that very same pain on the cross.  This man has the power to heal every broken bone, heart, and mind.  This man is Jesus. 
We were eager to get my son some help and figure out what was going on.  Our guess was right that my son had indeed broken his finger.  Our hearts dropped and we were worried, but the doctor gave us instruction on how to handle the injury. 
One great thing about being a Christian is to know that we too, have instruction on dealing with our pain.  We must understand that first we are a sinner in pain, acknowledge our need for a Savior (doctor), repent, and ask for forgivness of trying to heal our pain ourselves.  We must understand that we are not alone in this journey called life and that we should follow the commandments or instructions (Bible).
Yes, dealing with pain and brokenness is hard.  To have our doctor or Jesus confirm our brokenness, and confirm that it was brought on by rebellion or in my son's case not listening to the rules about horseplay, is a big pill to swallow.  But please know that once you humble yourself to the doctor, he will take away any pain and replace it with joy. 
If by any chance you feel that brokenness described, the only thing I can say to do is pray and surrender to Christ.  He will listen to you and will be there for you.  If you need someone to pray for you, my email is always open. 

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  1. So glad you are writing. ..sad for j but blessed by your sharing.