Tuesday, September 13, 2016


When I created this hashtag, I never knew where it would take me.  This summer, I decided to venture out into my small bookstore business, and this hashtag was push to keep this business going.

During the summer, my time was devoted to networking, working this business, and taking this business out into my local farmer's market.  When I would set up my stand at the market, I would write in chalk all around the market my hashtag, #READINGneedsreading. 

Many people questioned me, the meaning and what it said.  I reminded them that our city needs to read. 

My heart has been to bring back the joy of reading back into our society, especially the city that I live in.  I live in the city that was named at one time the poorest city of the U.S., one that is poverty stricken, one where many would call it a place where there isn't any hope.  With all the negativity that may come from this city, I want to bring some positive changes even though, to me it may be small. 

The benefits of reading that many people have forgotten are learning new ideas, relaxing, broadening horizons and learning about places that many may not be able to visit.  With the increase of literate people, there will be an increase in moralty.  Understanding and learning about others will come while reading books. 

I am determined to bring back the joy of reading, even if I impact just one person.  Reading is my passion and my God's given gift.  If there is anything that I can do to inspire you, that would be to buy a book, find a book, go to your local library, and read!

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