Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Healing Waters" book review
"When life seems to conspire against you, how do you find the courage to dive into Healing Waters?".  This quote was what drew me into reading this book.  I guess you can say that was a great one liner! ☺ 

Back Cover Intro:
When Lucia Coffey looks at her reflection, she sees fat and failure.  When she looks at her sister Sonia, she sees svelte and success.  When she looks at God, she sees that divine love can't possibly be doled out equally.  All her life, Lucia has coped by throwing herself into taking care of those who seem more worthy of God's goods, and feeding the dreams she has buried alive. 
But when tragedy strikes Lucia's family, she meets Sullivan Crisp, a decidedly offbeat psychologist who is trying to cope with his own shattered past.  They form an alliance to try to hold her family together and, in the process, both tentatively dip their toes into the waters of healing.  Step by faltering step they wade in, forging an unlikely community and digging deep for the courage to face a lurking danger that could pull them under..... or remind them what it's like to dance on the waves.

I enjoyed reading this book, since I felt like the main character, Lucia at one time.  Low self esteem, lack of self confidence, and often second guessing the power that God possess.  I think many women may have felt similar to this at one point in their lives. Lucia, in the story surrounds herself around positive people who helps her on her journey toward healing. I have learned first hand how those who we keep around can  affect our well being. This could be a spouse, family member, friends, coworkers, etc. Despite what Lucia feels about her past and her  present situation in the story, she finds out there is hope for her future. 

If you are struggling with your own demons, which everyone is, this is a great read to help bring peace, hope, and a breath of fresh air.  This book is a Christian novel and the author includes biblical scripture within the story, but again if you are not a Christian or you don't consider yourself as a religious person, you will still enjoy this story despite the Christian under tones. 

This review was based solely my opinion.  I was not compensated at anytime for this review.

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