Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Blog Clean up

You ever just sit and say, "I need to have a cleaning spree"?  Well, I had that idea this past weekend, and did some cleaning and purging. I cleaned my attic and purged a lot of items.  I am getting some items together to either give away, sale, or send to the local goodwill.  
Since I decided to clean around my house, I decided to clean up my life a little bit.  I decided to look at my planner, clean up and organize my schedule and priorities.  This blog was on the list to clean up.  I was going back and forth on the idea of deleting this blog, evaluating the content, or just leaving it go by the wayside.  
Sunday at church one of the ladies that I adore talking and praying with affirmed to me what I believe I need to focus on.  She explained to me that I have a love for books and reading.  This love is a gift from God and that I should use this gift to help and minister to others.  
This had me thinking about a lot.  I decided to devote my "ministry" to reading and books. This blog could be a ministry and help others. I enjoy sharing different content with others, but I feel as though I am sharing "fluff".  So this blog would include many book reviews, to read list, and other topics that include to reading and books.  I will share some personal posts, but not many.  I am hoping that now I have my blog content ideas together and this blog will not go idle and someone will be blessed by the posts!!  

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