Friday, July 1, 2011

First Day of Blogging!

I have been thinking about creating a blog for awhile and now it is done.  I am not sure what is going to be in my blog, but I am excited about creating one.  I hope and pray that my blog will not be in vain.  I enjoy writing so I know that blogging would come naturally.  I am not making a promise that I will create a post everyday but I am striving for every week. 

As of right now, I am planning on getting married in a couple of months, I have graduated from college with my associates in Early Childhood Education and planning to further my education next spring.  I am working as a Lead Preschool teacher and I love it.  At times, it gets crazy and I want to quick, but the children in my class keeps me coming back.  I am also planning on buying for first home. 

I know that with God all things are possible, so I know that we has my back like always. 

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